Who is Oralast Health & Wellness? What makes us different?

Our oral pathology specialist, Dr. Allan Dovigi, has been diagnosing complex oral diseases and conditions in the mouth and head and neck for over 35 years. Traditionally, pathologists spend most of their time in a lab, diagnosing biopsies. In 2014, Dr. Dovigi noticed patients with these chronic conditions had little to no resources to help them stay comfortable. As a result he began seeing patients regularly in the lab. Today, Oralast Health and Wellness exists to treat and cure many of these conditions. We manage chronic symptoms to get your mouth back to optimal health and comfort. We consult with your health care specialists as well your primary care provider to ensure there is continuity of care.

Some of the most common complaints we see are oral mucosal diseases like Lichen Planus, burning tongue and burning mouth, canker sores, dry mouth as a side effect from many medications and various oral infections. We can diagnose the oral manifestations of systemic diseases like Crohn’s disease, IBS, Lupus and many others. Often the first presenting symptoms of serious life threatening diseases such as Lupus, Leukemia and many autoimmune diseases first appear in the mouth. Early diagnosis can improve the prognosis tremendously.

“Stick out your tongue and say awe”. Doctors have examined the tongue since antiquity for signs of systemic illnesses.

We perform a head and neck exam and oral cancer screening for all our patients. Any suspicious looking lesions are biopsied or monitored closely until a definitive diagnosis is made. We do not perform any surgical services at Oralast but will coordinate these procedures with your referring doctor or an appropriate specialist. We work as a team to deliver the best possible care.

We do not perform imaging at Oralast but gather existing radiographs and MRIs from your providers. We try to limit the exposure to any radiation and prescribe only what imaging is necessary. We do the same with blood work and lab tests. We gather the existing information before we prescribe another blood draw and round of lab tests.

The future of Salivary diagnostics.

We are among the first to offer salivary diagnostics to the dental community. We interpret the results as part of the diagnostic team working with your dentist to deliver an accurate diagnosis for you. We use saliva to diagnose infectious diseases including viruses like HPV or fungal infections like Candida. We can look at a the DNA in your genes to see if you carry mutations that make you at high risk for a number of inflammatory diseases including periodontal disease, diabetes, heart disease and more recently peri-implantitis and failure of dental implants.

So, what makes us different?

Oralast and our doctor, Dr. Allan Dovigi, have carefully selected, screened and evaluated a number of products for our patients to purchase in our retail space. These oral care products are highly effective, top rated and doctor recommended. Products ranging from electric toothbrushes to all-natural apothecary remedies. Dr. Dovigi has formulated a toothpaste tailored for patients with sensitivity to their oral care products. Oralast Toothpaste is available online at our web site or from Amazon. We continue to evaluate and introduce new products for our patients saving them the trouble of trying to figure out what they can tolerate or what is the best option for them.

Come Visit us!

No appointment necessary to come explore the exciting oral care products Oralast has to offer. Stay tuned for upcoming blog postings and events!

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