Why I created Oralast Toothpaste

Updated: Jan 4

I formulated Oralast Toothpaste for my wife and daughter. Both developed sensitivity to their oral care products at about the same time. My wife would complain of a “film” in her mouth and an uncomfortable burning sensation she also suffered from desquamative gingivitis and mucositis. Whereas my daughter started getting recurrent canker sores that left her sore and in pain.

As a dental professional for over 35 years, when I suspect my patients have a sensitivity to their oral care products I have them stop using all oral care products for two weeks. Everything from toothpaste, mouth rinse and flossing. I also have them avoid spicy foods and strong flavoring agents like peppermint or cinnamon which can be found in flavored chewing gum or various foods. If the problem is sensitivity to these products then they usually begin to feel relief within the first week.

Fortunately, both my wife and daughter responded favorably and were feeling happy and comfortable again. So, what’s next? The problem then becomes what oral care products can they tolerate? We tried many with the same symptoms returning. Even all of the natural brand toothpastes that we tried were causing the same symptoms to recur. Some products elicited a strong reaction quickly, whereas others after prolonged use. Even brands I often recommend to patients with sensitivity eventually caused the systems to return.

So, I decided to formulate a toothpaste that eliminated the common causes to oral sensitivity. The most important ingredients are the ones we have eliminate! No detergents, fluoride salts or harsh flavoring agents.

The first on the list, strong detergents! Detergents like SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) are what make the toothpaste foam up in your mouth when you brush. That’s the main reason your mouth tinges after each brush. Yes, it may feel minty fresh but what you’re actually doing is irritating all the mucosa in your mouth. Think of your mucosa like your skin. The skin is a protective layer that defends against infection in the body, it protects you from the environment and when irritated can cause all sorts of reactions. The mucosa is that same protective layer in your mouth.

Many people are sensitive to fluoride salts like stannous fluoride and flavoring agents like cinnamon. In fact, there is a distinct clinical entity called cinnamon induced gingivitis. Yikes!

The formulation that I created is much kinder to the mucosa. When you brush with Oralast toothpaste it won’t foam up and your gums and mouth won’t tingle after each brush. That’s a good thing it means you’re not irritating your mouth! Your mouth will feel clean, fresh and happy! All you need to do is floss, rinse and repeat twice a day.

A comfortable mouth allows you to eat and enjoy a proper diet. A healthy diet leads to a healthy gut biome which research shows affects your systemic and mental health. Don’t limit what you can eat by tolerating a sore mouth!

My wife and daughter are now happy and smiling again, you can too! Let’s see what they say! Watch the video below.

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