Doctor Formulated for sensitive gums and mouths. 


The most important ingredients are the ones we eliminated! This all-natural toothpaste contains no harsh flavoring agents, fluoride salts and detergents. 


Stop tolerating discomfort. You may be sensitive to your toothpaste and oral care products. 


Cleans and polishes your teeth without irritating and burning your gums and mouth. 


Oralast Toothpaste will not cure existing oral diseases or conditions.  

Oralast Toothpaste

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  • Finally, a toothpaste for sensitive mouths and gums. The most important ingredients are the ones we eliminated! No detergents, fluoride salts or harsh flavoring agents. When you brush with Oralast toothpaste it won’t foam up and your gums and mouth won’t tingle after each brush. That’s a good thing it means you’re not irritating your mouth! We found that even brands we often recommend to our patients with sensitivity eventually cause their symptoms to return. The formulation is much kinder to the mucosa leaving you happy and pain free! Your mouth will feel clean, fresh and happy! All you need to do is floss, rinse and repeat twice a day. 

  • Full money back guarantee, just pay shipping.

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